Friday, May 20, 2016

Singapore With Kids : The Kiddy Travel Diary

Singapore With Kids : The Kiddy Travel Diary

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I have created this travelogue logging all that I saw and experienced.

Singapore is one of the top cities to visit as a family and this summer we explored the city! But before I go further in my blog, I would like to mention that DO NOT plan to go to Singapore in summers ever!! It’s hot and humid and the sun just made us sick. I googled the time of the year that you should visit Singapore, something I should have done earlier. Anyway, mid to end October is just a perfect time to head there.
p.s. Singapore weather is humid and it rains here unpredictably, so packing some foldable umbrellas and waterproof footwear will be a good idea.
Travelling within the city:We reach Singapore 2
Singapore needs around 4-5 nights to cover the entire city. The good thing is that it’s very well connected with the metro and public transport.Taxis are cheap most places within 15-25 min and fare between 15-20 dollars, of course, it depends on where you are staying. Our stay was at a service apartment in Orchard street which was central.
p.s.There is a Sentosa shuttle which  is for free starts from Vivocity mall and takes you straight to Sentosa Islands. Alternatively, you can also take a cable car from Vivocity into Sentosa.
Without much ado, here is our travel itinerary of Singapore which will help you to plan yours;
Day 1: Singapore Zoo

When you browse for information you will realise that there are multiple options available like  Jungle safari , Night safari and River safari for kids to experience at the zoo. What you may not realise is that they are showing you mostly the same set of animals in different settings, so don’t waste your money trying to do all. Mom had experienced the night safari earlier and this time, she decided that we should try the Jungle safari. While night safari is a unique experience but you don’t get to see many animals in the dark, it is kind of scary and still awesome. There are a variety of shows over there. Watch out! They might choose someone in a show and make you pet a baby python, and when you’re at it, two people bring a huge baby python, and you may wet your pants if they tell you to pet it. There is a place where your kids can play over during the jungle safari. I would say that the River safari is the best way to see all the animals. So choose which one are you going to try.
Singapore zoo 2
Evening: You can head to Clarke Quay, which is an entire with best views of Singapore and bars. While this is not a kiddy destination, kids are allowed and so parents can enjoy a few drinks. There is also a river cruise which you can take there.
p.s. When you travel via Singapore airlines, you get a discount on all entrance tickets to these attractions.
Day 2: Universal Studios.

Located on the Sentosa Islands, this can take up your entire day, so best to maximize it with kids. The good thing about Universal studios the rides are not all ‘kiddy’, so you will enjoy them as much as your kids. The transformer 7D ride, the dinosaur water slide ride, and Steven Spielberg’s  special studio effects are worth it. They also have certain shows which happen at fixed times at fixed venues like Waterworld again worth watching. One thing to remember is not to head to this place on a weekend or you will end up in long lines. We went on a really hot Monday at 10 am and still  had lines.
universal studios - singapore with kids
Garden by the bay - Singapore With KidsTo read the rest of the blog head here